Director, Waycome Limited - Hong Kong

"Tony's extensive global business experience has given me greater awareness of the business processes with which I have been able to develop and improve my business internationally. He has always been ready to give constructive advice and guidance at times of difficulty; he is my business mentor and is considered invaluable to the continued success of my business enterprise."

Country Director, British Council

"Tony's coaching offered me something very unique - the chance to completely rethink an approach to problem solving and to see how simple many of the issues were that I had thought were so complex. He has an incredible skill of guiding you to find a straightforward and doable way forward - he listens to all the things you have tried and just when you are struggling within the complexity of it all he gives you the key bit of feedback and advice it was quite amazing! So if you are grappling with issues around organizational change, team management, motivation and leadership then I would not hesitate to recommend Tony's coaching services"

Director - Creative & Product Development, Walt Disney

"Tony has done a fantastic job coaching in business and in turn, life. He will help anyone with an open mind realise their true potential by using time, goals and outcomes to achieve positive and measurable results. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to any individual requiring a fresh approach to their leadership style."

Director of Motion Picture Photography, Los Angeles-London

"Tony helped me focus on specific actions to take to help generate business for me when I moved from Los Angeles to London. His suggestions helped enormously, and he works in a comfortable, non-threatening way. I trust him, and I highly recommend his services!"

CEO, TallTree Foundation

"I have worked with Tony since setting up my own business six years ago, and his coaching has played a pivotal role in helping me think through and focus on what I need to do to continue growing the business. His calm manner and incisive questions give you great confidence that you are with a coach of the highest order; and his questions often stay with me weeks after a session, helping me follow through and make genuine change."

Head of Customer Service, BBC Resources

"If you are looking for someone to confirm and support your comfort zone then stay away from this stuff and slump back into your chair. But if you want to raise the blood pressure of your CEO then tell her that you're doing the Art of Not Doing! This is high level upside down thinking with a purpose. It's both a spiritual and secular cold shower. It will give you real personal potency and the ability to break out of any managerial envelope. It has some bite sized takeaway messages enriched with blue-sky thinking. You have everything to lose by not doing the Art of Not Doing and it's ball crunchingly simple. Step up to the plate and do it!"

Academy Director, Pitcher and Piano

"Even the most dedicated cynics will walk away from the 'Art of Not Doing' with some profound revelation or insight. It forces you to step out of your functional comfort zone and experience some real 'out of the box' thinking. It opens doors to some really powerful messages; useful for 'life' and the workplace. I have never seen so many of our managers walk away from a course spellbound - with a mind full of rich images. this is one course that you can never look back from!"

International Partner, Aspect Management Consultants

"I have trained with Tony in Africa and in Europe over the last 23 years and have frequently harnessed his profoundly effective talents to empower key people in management. His calm, focused "way" is always a breath of fresh air in our increasingly frantic world. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Surgeon and Specialist in Ayurvedic Medicine and Stress Counselling

"As a medical doctor I could relate Tony's Art of Not Doing to recognised tried and tested scientific principles of personal development and empowerment - it successfully enables you to harness the mental and physical energy without getting stressed out!"

Head of Learning & Development, Medway Council

"I had the great pleasure of being coached by Tony when I was employed as Head of Learning and Development at Medway Council. I found the experience both enriching and stretching as Tony helped me to explore more creative solutions to my personal and career challenges. Tony has an amazing depth of knowledge about so many areas, and a gift for encouraging others to look at things from a fresh new perspective. Two years later, I am still using the tools and techniques Tony shared with me, on a daily basis. Working with Tony has had a profound impact upon me, and as a result of being coached by him I have made some major changes in both my personal and professional life. From my experience, I regard Tony as an exceptional coach, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is ready to embrace change. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me."