10 Questions to ask yourself if you are in Financial Services

If any of these questions ring true for you – this could be the best move you will make.

This may well be the “What shall I do next?” answer for professionals in the Financial Services Industry in London and Hong Kong.
Whether you are a banker, fund manager, analyst, trader, or one of many other professionals affected by recent developments in the financial services industry – we can help. Let us explore together the best options on what to do next through specially tailored one-to-one exclusive professional development coaching sessions.

How it works

Many professionals have already experienced the benefits of 1-2-1 professional career development coaching. In fact leading executives in major corporations often negotiate this type of professional development coaching as a part of their remuneration.

You may already know that a professional coach focuses on you and your current situation. They don’t come with preconceived ideas, or judgments, or pretend to know what is best for you. A coach helps you to define, quantify and focus on what it is you really want. Then they support, encourage, help you discover the resources and information you may need and ensure that you are absolutely clear about what needs to be done and what the benefits will be. A good coach also discusses frankly with you what might get in the way – such as old behaviour patterns or self limiting thoughts - and sets up a series of follow up sessions to help you to stay on track, stay focused and adjust your actions and thoughts along the way.

Totally confidential and 100% about you

One to one coaching is completely personalized and totally confidential. Some outplacement programs can leave you feeling rather processed and whilst they may offer practical help, there is no comparison to the in-depth highly personal sessions that coaching offers.

Working with me could not be simpler. Here are the basic steps.

  1. You send an email expressing interest and with a view to setting up a time for a 20 minute no charge – no obligation - discussion about your situation and what you would like to gain from coaching.
  2. We set up a time for a call with you and during that call I will help you define your coaching “goals” - for want of a better word - and outline some pricing options to suit you.
  3. If you like what you hear we will probably set up an initial face to face 2 hour session at a mutually agreeable venue and time. At the end of that session you should have a map of the coaching journey and what the clear outcomes and expectations could be for you. Usually every session will result in some action or activity on your part and then we set a date for a follow up session. This can be another face to face session, or via telephone or Skype. The number of sessions varies according to individual needs, but on average we suggest 6 – 10 sessions over 3 to 6 months. If you need more intensity in the early stages of the coaching this is adjusted to weekly or fortnightly sessions with your coach and then you can use the remaining sessions at your discretion (any outstanding sessions automatically expiring after 12 months unless extended by arrangement).
  4. We check in with you regularly to see how effective you feel the sessions are and if you are moving towards the desired outcomes.

Relevant Financial Experience:

My background is in business. I started life in the Standard Bank in Africa - Foreign Bills Department – where I learned about international commerce. Later I discovered a passion for advertising, marketing and behavioral market research. After running my own advertising agency and PR Company, I was offered a role in international marketing and trade promotions. By that time I had traveled widely – so it was a great opportunity to combine my business knowledge with my passion for macro economics and the skills I had learned in behavioral psychology. When I moved from Africa to the UK I retrained, first as a professional trainer – focusing on facilitation skills, conflict resolution, personal effectiveness, team building and professional development and leadership. Then I upgraded my knowledge on psychometrics and other popular HR tools.

About 13 years ago I qualified - through Oxford and Cambridge University - as a professional executive coach. Now I specialize in working with highly successful people including; CEO’s, CFO’s, Financial Services people, entrepreneurs, medical specialists, academics, diplomats and actors.

My clients are global, but I mainly work from London and Hong Kong where I have offices. I use a combination of face to face meetings combined with phone, Skype & MSN.

I have a strong interest in international finance, macro economics, global stock markets, commodities, and the psychology of economics. All of which help me to empathize and understand my clients who work in global banking and financial services. I stay abreast of daily current opinions through a broad range of financial commentators and financial broadcasters – as well as being an active investor.

I am also a specialist in new business start ups and can offer clients valuable insights which save a great deal of time and money.

I am a member of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community as well as being an approved tutor for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

I am currently writing The Art of Not Doing © an approach aimed at achieving greater results with less effort.

Feedback from recent clients

“I have worked with Tony since setting up my own business six years ago, and his coaching has played a pivotal role in helping me think through and focus on what I need to do to continue growing the business. His calm manner and incisive questions give you great confidence that you are with a coach of the highest order”

“Tony has done a fantastic job coaching in business and in turn, life. He will help anyone with an open mind realize their true potential by using time, goals and outcomes to achieve positive and measurable results..”

“Tony’s extensive global business experience has given me greater awareness and I have been able to develop and improve my business internationally. He is my business mentor and is considered invaluable to my continued success."

“The coaching helped me make a significant career transition …….”

“I believe that coaching based on the philosophy of "not doing" helped me remain resilient and move forward from the familiar into the new which is exciting.”

What to do now

Simply start the ball rolling with an email or a call. There is no obligation.