Business English Coaching

One-to-One intensive coaching sessions for business leaders and senior executives.
Save time, money and energy!
You can benefit from my 25 years of international business experience at a very competitive hourly rate.

I will help you:

And I will show you:

Real communication is not about learning perfect grammar or vocabulary. Effective communication comes from understanding the mindset of your audience (whether 1 or 100 people) and giving a clear, focused easy-to-understand and memorable message. There are no standard reading materials or books  required for you to purchase. Every session is tailored specifically to meet your personal needs, objectives, learning style, current language ability and experience.  At the first session we will map out in detail what you want to accomplish and then we will focus our time until you are satisfied that you have made the changes that you want. I will support you between sessions by phone or email.


I am a qualified business coach and consultant with 25 years of international business experience in marketing, advertising, trade negotiation, communication skills and personal leadership effectiveness.
I have started and run my own businesses in UK, North America, Southern Africa and Hong Kong and therefore I understand the pressures and problems facing entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives.
I travel frequently between Europe (mainly UK) and the Far East (China, Hong Kong, Korea presently) and I am available to meet with you face-to-face, or if at any time I am not in your city, we can talk via video conference (Skype), telephone or email.
This is a highly cost effective way of making rapid progress and gaining a competitive edge. Let me help you achieve your goals in the fastest most effective way by taking advantage of my many thousands of hours of senior level experience and share with you key communication skills and qualities that many successful people share.
Look upon me as your business or career personal coach and trainer - giving you the competitive edge. 
Commercial and Personal confidentiality is 100% assured.