What is Business Coaching?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, senior executive, or manager within a corporation or organization, business coaching is quite simply coaching with a direct interest and application to you in your business role. Many professionals have already experienced the benefits of 1-2-1 professional career development coaching. In fact leading executives in major corporations often negotiate this type of professional development coaching as a part of their remuneration.

How does it Work?

You may already know that a professional coach focuses on you and your current situation. They don’t come with preconceived ideas, or judgments, or pretend to know what is best for you. A coach helps you to define, quantify and focus on what it is you really want. And your role in the organization and what the organization needs and expects from you.

Then a coach will support, encourage, help you discover the resources and information you may need and ensure that you are absolutely clear about what needs to be done and what the benefits will be. A good coach also discusses frankly with you what might get in the way – such as old behaviour patterns or self limiting thoughts - and sets up a series of follow up sessions to help you to stay on track, stay focused and adjust your actions and thoughts along the way.

Some typical situations where Business Coaching can be very helpful:

  1. An entrepreneur in a small to medium sized enterprise who needs an experienced coach or mentor who understands firsthand the many difficulties of Globalization, Customer Relations, Growth plans, Succession planning, Cash flow, Staff motivation and incentives, Product development, Marketing, Work life balance.
  2. CEO’s and Board level people who need to influence other board members, the chairperson, to motivate and manage sometimes culturally diverse staff.
  3. Senior people who need to maximize their personal impact – often in new situations.
  4. Busy executives who need to introduce more work life balance and take better care of health and fitness whilst improving productivity and maintaining their profile in the organization.
  5. My CEOs and business owners often tell me “It’s lonely at the top”. It is hugely beneficial to discuss your plans, hopes, dreams, worries and concerns with an experienced professional that has only your interest at heart. Family members and senior staff may help, but often their own agendas can prevent real communication. Friends are good to talk to, but often jump in to offer well meaning advice that may not be what you are looking for. A professional coach with many years of business and coaching experience remains objective, detached and at the same time totally interested in you and your situation. More importantly, they know how to help you get where you want to go. Whether that destination is quantitative, or qualitative, good coaching helps you focus on what is really important to you and explores pragmatic steps and actions.


  1. Senior Executive in the Health Service

    I have found Tony's coaching to be of immense benefit to me in several ways; firstly by providing me with a safe and secure environment to reflect deeply on my coaching issues, secondly to explore the benefits and risks of particular approaches, thirdly to challenge my thinking and thought processes.

    This has enabled me to clarify my priorities both within work and outside, to reflect on my key strengths and how I can develop these more for the benefit of both myself and the organization and finally to think about those areas of weakness or aspects of work I don't like and enjoy and what I might choose to do about this.

    One key benefit of the coaching I have received is that it's helped me stay calm and focused during a period of significant organizational change and intense pressure. This I feel has enabled me to become more resilient. Tony is a highly skilled coach whose input I have found invaluable.

  2. CEO of TallTree Foundation

    I have worked with Tony since setting up my own business six years ago, and his coaching has played a pivotal role in helping me think through and focus on what I need to do to continue growing the business. His calm manner and incisive questions give you great confidence that you are with a coach of the highest order; and his questions often stay with me weeks after a session, helping me follow through and make genuine change.

  3. Director, Creative & Product Development

    Tony has done a fantastic job coaching in business and in turn, life. He will help anyone with an open mind realize their true potential by using time, goals and outcomes to achieve positive and measurable results. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to any individual requiring a fresh approach to their leadership style.

  4. Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

    Tony's extensive global business experience has given me greater awareness of the business processes with which I have been able to develop and improve my business internationally. He has always been ready to give constructive guidance at times of difficulty; he is my business mentor and is considered invaluable to the continued success of my business enterprise."

  5. HR Director

     I have found the coaching very useful indeed. Key points I guess would be the coaching helped me make a significant career transition at a time when we were going through major organizational change. I really appreciated the opportunity to assess and value my skills for example one illuminating moment was the recognition that the things I do well are not necessarily those that others can do.  The encouragement to "be" and the support to align with core values as a way of growing future work "mindfully" was a really important shift and you reminded me several times when I lost this thread and help me reconnect. I also found working with a "top flight" experienced coach very helpful in developing my own coaching skills and some of the insights I gained from this enhanced the development of my own approach.  In making this career transition to working for myself it was also really good to have the experience you bring from your marketing background and of working with small businesses and startups. In summary I believe that coaching based on the philosophy of "not doing" helped me remain resilient and move forward from the familiar into the new which is exciting. I am hoping to have a better quality of worklife balance and more opportunities for personal development, I now increasingly ( try to) work from the "heart" rather than just the "head".  Personally,  a big "thank you" Tony its been really good working with you!

No matter how active we are, how much effort we make, our state of consciousness creates our world. And if there is no change on that inner level, no amount of action will make any difference. We would only re create modified versions of that same world again. --Eckhart Tolle

What to do now

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